Squiggla in education

How to teach Squiggla

We’ve created a series of tools, workshops and professional development programmes to help educators run Squiggla mark making sessions in their learning environment. To learn more about how to teach Squiggla and get key resources and session guides that make introducing Squiggla as easy as ABC, check out the Making Space and sign up now.

Squiggla can be delivered for:

  • Kura/schools from early childhood, primary, secondary and tertiary
  • Home education
  • Public Art Gallery Programmes
  • Library Programmes
  • School Holiday Programmes
  • After School programmes
  • Hospital education classrooms

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Squiggla Sessions

Squiggla Session Guide kete/kits are designed to give kaiako/teachers the tools they need for a creative classroom.

Kaiako Professional Development

A Squiggla Professional Development workshop introduces Squiggla’s free flow mark making process.

Classroom Workshops

Our hands-on classroom workshops are an excellent way to ignite creative thinking in your class.

Squiggla Philosophy

We’re advocates for making and understanding art as a process with intention and fulfilment.

For families

Squiggla is great for families to share in the creative joy of mark making.

Why is creativity important for everyone

Creativity isn’t something that only a few people need or have. It’s in all of us.



of thought

creative expression

Squiggla acts like a gymnasium for visual thinking - the more we exercise, the better we can become as new connections form in our creative brains.

Its kaupapa is centred around the balance between inspiration and participation - as such, it is very aligned to one of the core values of Te Mātaiaho, the new 2023 draft education curriculum in Aotearoa - that of ihi - the energy of inspiration, (there are over 2000 mahi toi in the Chartwell Collection), and wehi, the emotional reaction that can come from access through participation. As we all know, active participation in the Arts can be an opportunity to celebrate diversity, create understanding, and explore self as a way of connecting with others. In this way, being encouraging of all to be involved in a creative activity, Squiggla can better support and value the impact of the visual arts and the creative process for all of us.

We are interested in how the arts help develop valuable skills such as insight and empathy for all ākonga/learners to participate in and contribute to society.

“My class loved Squiggla after they didn’t respond with other mindfulness programmes.” Year 7 kaiako/teacher, Auckland, New Zealand.

Squiggla is a gymnasium for creative thinking with a programme for schools that exercises creative thinking through free-flow mark-making and is all about visual exploration and creative discovery.

We all increasingly understand the value of exercising creative thinking in the classroom, across all aspects of the curriculum and at all age levels. Squiggla encourages ākonga to think outside the box, test new ideas, collaborate with others, and share in the joy of making.

A creative brain is a connected brain

Continue your journey with Squiggla on our making space page for free idea generators and guided resources for deeper learning.

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