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The Squiggla programme is a gymnasium for creative visual thinking using free flow, playful mark making to exercise the creative mind.

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Are you interested in presenting Squiggla in your classroom or learning environment? - you can access useful tools and exercises.

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Squiggla is as easy as 123, ABC and ./~, find out how to get started.

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Add creative thinking into your everyday life and generate a dynamic and rewarding future.

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Here are some of the great partnerships we have that are helping us inspire the Squiggla movement.

The science behind Squiggla

Learn more about how mark making can enhance your creative thinking in these in depth articles and papers.

A creative brain is a connected brain

Continue your journey with Squiggla on our Making Space page for free idea generators and guided resources for deeper learning.

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News + events

Sydney Contemporary 2023

Join us at Carriageworks 7-10 September 2023 an immersive space of visual exploration.

Aotearoa Art Fair

The perfect platform for Squiggla, a truly accessible way to become more creative.

Classroom Sessions

Whether you want one or a series, we can bring Squiggla sessions to your classroom.

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