Philosophy + research

The science behind Squiggla

The Squiggla programme has being developed through years of interest in the creative fields - most specifically the study of contemporary art and the impact it has on the mind, reading and research into how connections are formed in the brain, the importance of creative thinking skills in a modern and dramatically changing world and through the development of a creative thinking programme with the University of Auckland. Keep up to date with thought leadership and learning with these insightful articles.

Squiggla philosophy

We’re advocates for making and understanding art as a process with intention and fulfilment.

Why is creative thinking important

Creativity isn’t something that only a few people need or have. It’s in all of us.

Eye and Mind - Squiggla and You

Squiggla is a mark making programme that encourages a focus on creative visual thinking through the senses.

A line making hand is a thinking hand

The hand leading the mind is a natural state of cognitive development.

A creative brain is a connected brain

A conversational relationship between medium and mark.

About Squiggla

Learn more about Squiggla as a tool.

Rethinking Aging

Learning about how Squiggla can contribute to creative ageing programmes.

11 Dimensions of creative thinking

Learn the key dimensions of creative thinking.