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The Chartwell Trust was set up in the early 1970s by Robert Gardiner, CNZM, then a Hamilton businessman and accountant, as a charitable trust to realise Chartwell's vision for wider access to and deeper understanding of creative visual thinking. As a New Zealand registered charitable trust, the Chartwell Trust has a board of trustees with extensive experience in the visual arts, public gallery partnerships, visual arts philanthropy, publishing, education and related research, charitable art projects, governance matters, financial and legal experience.

The Chartwell Trust work closely with public art gallery professionals, curators, writers and academics to deliver impactful programmes centred around access for all to knowledge of the creative mind. We are passionate advocates for participation in making and understanding art as a process for everyone. The deep impulse to make and create defines us as human beings and energises all aspects of our personal and communal lives.

Defining the human creative experience as the merging of making and knowledge, of intuition and intellect, we support both aesthetic thinkers and the wider general public to get involved. We can all participate in making, sharing and engaging in the creative process with Squiggla, using the visual language of mark making to exercise creative visual thinking. Valuing our creative potential, and using hearts, minds, bodies and the materials of the world, we can create!

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Creative thinking in action

Chartwell Trust focuses on the visual, through mark making, to explore the creative process using our senses – the optical, the tactile and the spatial senses - bringing our life experiences to influence what we see and how we create meanings. This creative process can be accessed in whatever realm of life we are in but it needs attention and exercise to prioritise its benefits.

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