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11 Dimensions of the creative process

Professor Peter O’Connor (2020).
Replanting Creativity in Post Normal Times, Centre for Arts and Social Transformation: Auckland

What makes humans creative? Understanding the creative process.

Squiggla offers participation and creative visual thinking for all, with the goal to break down the barriers to participation and to reveal the deep satisfaction that comes from the creative, open and energising process of making. So, we needed to know more about what makes humans creative. If more people come to trust and understand themselves as being creative and value the importance of creativity in living a fulfilled life, then we have met that goal!

Research done at CAST, the Centre for Arts and Social Transformation at the University of Auckland, reveals the answers- the 11 Dimensions of the Creative Process helps to understand what we can all do to become more creative people, groups, schools and communities.

Critical Thinking
Problem Posing
Physical Environment
Risk Taking
Divergent Thinking
Discipline Mastery