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Classroom workshops

Whether you want just one or a series of Squiggla workshops, we can bring Squiggla to your classroom. We tailor workshops to your needs - whether you want to incorporate Squiggla as a mindfulness exercise, or use Squiggla to access and interpret other areas of the curriculum like maths and music. Book your Classroom Workshop here.

Why does creativity in schools matter?

Our focus is on the Squigglamaker, from kaiako to ākonga, to develop a wider understanding of, and build a deeper experience, with creative visual thinking. That is at the centre of what we do. Creative thinking is important for exploring, creating, thinking, investigating, and discussing.

We know an arts rich education is having positive effects on tamariki and rangatahi young people including achievements in reading, language and mathematics development, increased higher order thinking skills and capacities, increased motivation to learn, and improvements in effective social behaviours. And often it is getting this message to parents and grandparents, to encourage them to place value on a visual art education.

Fiona Jack, Head of School, Te Waka Tūhura Elam School of Fine Arts and Design, University of Auckland said in a 2023 article, “In conversation with parents whose children are considering coming to Elam, the question I get is Why art? ..She replies to them that arts education creates critically strong thinkers, people who can readily understand context and situation and who can critique an aspect of something from many different perspectives, and that is a skill that is very transferable,” she pointed out.

Find out more about what Squiggla can offer you for your classroom or other education setting or take Squiggla home with you and share it with whanau\family and friends. Invent your own whanau programme. Share it with us- we love to see what our Squiggla whanau are up to!

“My mum would love to see it” Young NZ Year 7 Squigglamaker in a classroom programme.

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