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Squiggla Sessions

Our educator-developed Squiggla Session Guides are a series of education resources designed to give kaiako/teachers the tools they need to easily incorporate creative visual thinking in their classroom. The Session Guide Kete/Kit is designed for all ages and gives kaiako/teachers plenty of flexibility.

The Kete are based on Squiggla’s four key themes: Tākarokaro/Play, Mahi/Make, Pohewa/Imagine and Hanga/Invent. In each themed Kete, you’ll find 10 ideas for using Squiggla in the classroom, from playing with patterns to inventing and deciphering codes. The ideas are simple, easy to adapt, and often require only minimal materials and preparation. Try out our Squiggla Sample Sessions and resources in our online Making Space then get in touch with us to request more information about our further Squiggla Session Guide programmes.

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