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Q+A with the Education Team at Te Uru

In preparation for the Squiggla Making Space at Te Uru Waitākere Contemporary Gallery in March, the Squiggla team enjoyed a fun staff training session with the Te Uru Education team in February. Squiggla team member, artist and educator Catherine Thomson spent time getting to know the Te Uru education team Adrienne, Abbey and Hester during this Q + A:

CT: Why do you think art is an important aspect of a child’s education?

Te Uru: To make something visual is inherent in children, and in fact I would argue essential for humans. Of course as an art educator I am biased. I see art connected to everything – communication, problem solving, collaboration, self-management, risk taking, innovation. Essential skills to navigate anything. For children,and adults of any age, being able to make something visual with different materials brings such a level of freedom and joy and taps into this innate creativity we all possess. 

CT: What do you think Squiggla will offer visitors to Te Uru that’s different? 

Te Uru: We are [looking forward to] having Squiggla here again at Te Uru. It is an opportunity to provide a space for every visitor to the gallery that is completely interactive and participatory in a really tangible and physical way. Every visitor can be a maker with Squiggla. It is very direct and relaxing and a space for children and adults to drop into mark making with a range of materials. All ideas about what drawing is can be dropped. No expectations, all curiosity.

CT: What do you enjoy most about your role at Te Uru?

Te Uru: It is really exciting to be in this new role as Education Manager at Te Uru, working with Abbey Lyman as Education Assistant and the rest of the Te Uru team. The Learning Centre/Pokapū Akoranga is a wonderful space to be in as anyone who has visited knows. The gallery itself is beautiful with inspiring exhibitions, the community is engaged, the team is the best and the children and adults that come here for classes are a joy. It is such a gift to have a space people can make and create in and to be able to facilitate this opportunity. I’m excited about meeting and working with tamariki, their whānau and other kaiako across West Auckland and Tāmaki Makaurau.

Visit Te Uru Waitākere Contemporary Gallery + Squiggla Making Space 9 March - 12 May 2024!