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Aotearoa Art Fair 2024

"Play involves sheer delight in the possibilities of invention” Maurice Merleau-Ponty.

At the Art Fair, Squiggla’s INVENT 2024 activities focus on generating new ways of making - test out new ways to generate your own inventive marks on paper, invent a new tool to create an infinite variety of marks, dots and lines.

Squiggla encourages everyone to embrace playfulness through chance, visual exploration and invention. “There are no mistakes with Squiggla” says Squiggla’s co-director Sue Gardiner, “In the making process, you will begin to trust and relax, rather than judge and define”.

Squiggla is a gateway to deeper aesthetic engagement with the artworks at the Fair, so collectors, visitors and families are encouraged to visit the Squiggla Making Space.  Through their own intuitive, free flow mark making, every participant in the Making Space can discover their innate creativity and become more alert to the visual world. Squiggla gives adults the freedom to rediscover their own creative process again, and families can share in the joy of creating and inventing freely.

Squiggla invites you to break some rules and have fun with INVENT 2024 from 18th to 21st April, Level 1, Aotearoa Art Fair. 

Squiggla at the Aotearoa Art Fair 2024 is A Chartwell 50th Anniversary Project.